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The Last Day on Earth

7 - 15 April 2018, Opening party: Fri 6 April
curated by Chiara Williams Contemporary
Crate Space, Margate, UK


'The Last Day on Earth' is a thematic solo exhibition presenting four pieces of work that are part of a project titled 'A Series of Dull & Meaningless Works of Art'.

  1. work 1: New Home (room installation)
  2. work 2: Earthling (animation)
  3. work 3: The last work of art on earth (video)
  4. work 4: Print inspired by Jeremy Deller (print)


The Last Day on Earth


The exhibition explores the challenges, dangers & impacts of the continuous digitalization that is radically transforming the way we live & communicate with each other. The continuing efforts to merge the analogue with the digital world & the eventual digital dominance is one of the most precarious & dangerous events in human history. The rise of smart objects able to interact with other smart objects & learn from each other through machine learning (AI) is not science fiction but a scary reality. Companies & governments invest huge sums of money in this development. The Internet of Things (IoT) has already infiltrated daily basic activities, & for some reason we all seem exhilarated & excited by it.

The show researches the correlation between the technological & the global development in life style, politics, health & migration. New concepts of living (digital nomads, remote work etc.) seem to democratize the world whereas the spread of information & fake news have an immense dictatorial impact on the behaviour of people.

The exhibition aims to get the audience immersed in a conceptual & visually compelling presentation of four interlinked artworks. I am interested in the duration the works will be able to engage the audience & keep their interest going. In the age of super-fast information consumption, this is a very challenging experiment.



How the activity will develop my practice

The exhibition brings together four pieces of art that are part of a contextually & presentationally new direction within my arts practice. It is an important milestone for me as it will allow me to try out my new ideas & hence develop my work further in an exciting project space that is well established in the Thanet arts community.

In terms of audiences (live & online), the thematic show will not only be of interest to the arts community but also to non-arts communities that are concerned philosophically or professionally with the rise of digital tools & the ongoing digitalization of our world.

One of the most important objectives of the show is the critical engagement of the audience with my work. I would like to instigate a dialogue about the nature of my art & the theme of the exhibition. Although there is a relatively large community of artists based in Thanet, the majority of exhibitions focuses on rather traditional media such painting (landscapes, portraits, abstract), sculpture & photography. As my work is quite different from art people are used to in Thanet in terms of media & presentation as well as in terms of the narrative, comical & satirical nature, I am confident that the exhibition will draw the attention from the named communities & even beyond. I am particularly interested in the reaction from young people (Millennials, Generation Z) as connecting with the newer generations is vital for my own development as an artist.


The Last Day on Earth by Jay Rechsteiner



The Last Day on Earth by Jay Rechsteiner
The Earthlilng, animation

Who will engage with the exhibition

As it is a thematic art exhibition with strong visual & narrative aspects exploring foremost the digital revolution & its impacts on society, the world & our future (in/voluntary im/migration, loss of jobs, re-evaluation of values, change of life-style etc.), I hope to engage not only the arts community in Thanet & the wider areas of Kent & London but also a larger non-arts community that is interested in & feels affected by the development of digital technology & its impacts. I am particularly interested in the Millennials & Generation Z.

Thanet, especially Margate has enjoyed a huge influx of creative minds which has shaped the area significantly over the recent years. There is a large number of artists & makers of all sorts & new creative spaces including Turner Contemporary, Limbo, Crate Space have opened & more are opening as we speak (for example Carl Freedman Gallery). Hence there is a strong demand for critical & contemporary art. In the current somewhat exciting new era of rapid technological development, there is a need for critical debate about topics such as the positive & negative impacts of digitalization which is the core issue the exhibition addresses.

The compelling narrative & satirical nature of the work that includes sound, video, installation will hopefully attract the interest of my target audiences & engage them in an explorative & critical dialogue.


Jay Rechsteiner at work in Margate
at work in studio, Margate


The last Day on Earth by Jay Rechsteiner
The Earthling, animation



New Home by Jay Rechsteiner
New Home






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